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Hi. I'm stressing about my upcoming Lemtrada treatment on Monday. I was at peace with my decision when I finally made it about six months ago but after speaking with the MS one to one nurse yesterday I started to get anxious and scared. I think maybe because it's becoming real now and I'm afraid of how I will do. I reached out to my family and voiced my fears and anxiety but ended up upsetting my mom in the process. She looked up the possible side effects and scared herself. Soooo....that back fired. I ended up feeling bad that I upset her rather than getting comfort and reassurance. Even my husband doesn't know how to support me. He tries and says things like "it'll be ok". So I feel the need to reach out to fellow MSers and just have a safe place to say "I'm scared and worried". I don't like upsetting my family so end up feeling alone. Thanks for listening.