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My Sclerosis | Day-to-day with MS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl58eYFEJqU ‘My Sclerosis’ is the first film Shift.ms has shared that is fully written, produced and directed by an MSer, Stash Capar. Based in Toronto, Canada, Stash was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and had a few very rough years early on, but slowly, through trial and error, found his own way of managing his MS. In those early years after his diagnosis none of Stash's friends and acquaintances had any idea of what he was dealing with, because he very rarely ever talked about it. He never joined any support groups and never talked about it on social media. In his own words “I always found pride in being able to handle challenging things on my own and with MS it was no exception.” In 2019 however, his mindset shifted. He felt he was in a place in his life where he could open up about his experiences and maybe even connect to other people who are living with MS. So Stash made a film. It was his attempt to show how MS affects day to day life, in a bit-sized and compelling way, based on his own symptoms and experiences. Stash was searching for the right platform for the film, and then he discovered Shift.ms. “I wish I had known that your network existed years ago” Stash shared when speaking to Shift.ms’s team. We do too Stash. Shift.ms feel very privileged to be collaborating with Stash on the release of his film “My Sclerosis”. The compelling film will highlight the daily struggles people living with MS go through, and the impact this has on relationships and everyday routine - tasks that many people without MS take for granted. We’ve all told people we’re “fine” when we are not and know it’s sometimes difficult to share what’s really going on. Stash’s compelling short film allows people an insight into everyday life with MS and to let people know that it’s OK not to be “fine”. Has there been a time when you've said you’re fine when you're not?

Thank you for the film! Sure, thousands of time - "thank you, I'm fine" when I'm not fine at all. What else to do? 😃


Same here. “I’m fine” is my go to phrase! A great film! 👍🏻