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What are you being prescribed to manage nerve pain?

Hi there, Sj here, I haven't been very connected here in Shift MS but I follow and share a lot of the Shift MS social media. I am currently having a wee flair up of nerve pain in legs and arms and have been prescribed Amytriptaline (which has just been upped) and I am taking other medication to manage my aggressive migraines. I am between DMT's at the moment to give my body a rest. Wondered what you have been prescribed to manage nerve pain, if and when you have it. Previously I have been on Gabapentin, but it wasn't effective. Anyone wrestling with trying to separate what relates to MS and what relates to menopause. I appreciate the male population of shift MS will not be able to help me on that front, but please do feel free to comment on your nerve pain experiences. I am in the process of writing a memoir on being diagnosed with and living with MS as a single parent, if you are interested in following this journey, do please feel free to send me a connection request. I trust and hope that you are all doing well, despite the daily juggle of managing health and life. Look forward to hearing your experiences, Tanto Amor, Sj x

They prescribed Gabapentin but I didn’t take it at all I use ointments from pharmacy if I ever felt pain but I don’t feel often and if I did it’s spasm


Hi I get terrible nerve pain and use to take CBD Oil it did help with pain but now my pain is much worse I take cannabis which is amazing for pain works within seconds, with the menopause not sure which is MS or the menopause but I have notice I normally get really awful hot flushes when I'm having a bad day Just brought a book about Mindfulness to help with pain and it does seem to help I was told by a Nurse at the pain clinic to use a Tens machine which helps and also an app called insight timer which as free live sessions on mediation and yoga the yoga as changed my life I am now more mobile and I don't have so much pain