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Sexual Assistance programs?

In the Netherlands and Denmark, people with disabilities are facilitated with access to sex workers. https://www.independent.co.uk/…/germany-sexual-assistance-p… So I got to thinking to myself there: if women can choose pregnancy or MS, which do they opt for? Both are a fairly major deal As for men, it is known that testosterone is neuroprotective in MS. Suicide rates in MS are higher than baseline, factor multiplied for young men with MS. Is this a solution? Sex workers for MSers? I had envisioned it for myself as close intimate care with a professional who would look after my sexual, psychological and emotional wellbeing, up to 4 times a month. Simply to be kissed and told I'm a good person would solve a myriad of health issues. And the testosterone kick alongside DMDs would mitigate MS progression. Obvious problems spring to mind - I'm already welfare dependant, very much undermotivated (possibly due to anxiety and depressive habits) and it'd be expensive training the MS sex carers in the various disciplines required. Not to mention all the social taboos. Then again, disabled people need to express this aspect of their humanity just as much as everyone else. This is recognised in the UN convention on Human Rights. If it was a thing here in Ireland, how would it work? Should there be a charity to regulate this?

@shtanto . given that MS affects more women than men, won't this idea come across as somewhat misogynistic. And, it would have to be subject to clinical trials before NICE would approve this on the NHS. Double-blind trials could be fun! 🤣


If they look like henry cavil, send one to my house asap!! Does sound a bit strange though id pefer an actual relationship..