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Research Study

I'm excited about an upcoming opportunity to be a part of a year long study about how exercise can impact MS. I was diagnosed w/RRMS 15 months ago, and have noticed a definite change of muscle tone and strength on my right side, so hopeful this regulated venture will prove beneficial. Has anyone else been involved in any research studies?



@shawniayp I am currently in a two year study. It's to do with the eyes and the effects that DMD's can have on damage to our eyes. I apparently have eyes that are in great condition. The Neuro Opthamologist seems to be able to gauge someone's prognosis a bit better by the overall condition of their eyes. Fascinating stuff! Your study sounds interesting I'm interested to hear what they learn from it. On a good note at least you'll be working out and gaining back your muscle tone.?



@sonia1984 The study you're participating in sounds very interesting and just wow w/gleaning more insight via eye condition! I'm curious about the potential impact from the exercise study as well, and it starts up Monday! Thank you for sharing and kind words of encouragement : )



Very very interesting and it's good that this is being researched. I think there are two elements to the benefit: exercise builds strength and flexibility, but to see improvements to motor damage I feel you need specialist physiotherapy, because you need to get the brain to re-think pathways. IMO, this can't be done by exercise alone.