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Advice for those with a fresh diagnosis, beneign cases

Signing in at close to two years after my diagnosis. On Tecfidera treatment since. Symptoms nearly or fully non existent. Here's my advice to others with seemingly beneign cases: - Don't give any more time to this desease than necessary. Get informed and get on medication, make your doctor appointments. Give yourself permission to grief and re think your life plans. But that's it! Besides that, try to not think about your diagnosis. Don't build your identity around it. In fact, get off this forum as soon as possible. - Even when you have no symptoms, you still got a scary diagnosis and a uncertain future. Don't feel like a fraud because you currently have no symptoms, you are allowed to break down. If you can't focus on work because you are a crying scared mess, then sign off for the day. I think that's it mostly. I spend a lot of time feeling miserable to figure this out. Now I'm doing pretty good! Wish you a wonderful day.

Great advise @Schwalbe get on a medication asap.


Chiming in on somebody who didn’t push for fast medication. One relapse and my arms are numb (a big deal, avoid at all cost!) and my bladder isn’t what it used to be. I’m typing this at 4am because I no longer sleep through the night. I wake up having to go to the bathroom and can’t fall back asleep. My nervous system was forever changed by one relapse. Avoid relapses by getting on a DMT asap. Wish my doctors had that approach rather than crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. You only get old nervous system, protect it!