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Hello , My name Steve I am from Canada Windsor Ontario 49 years old and I have multiple sclerosis - I have multiple sclerosis since 2005 and treatment started in 2011 I was on pills for 4 years Aubagio and then I was converted to Ocrevus and this drug was stopped in the first month of 2022 and the reason is because I have pneumonia so far I have not received any treatment now The Canadian government does not care about such things ,I wrote to the hospital in Florida for the treatment of multiple sclerosis - the treatment is available in America and not in Canada - but there is there some in Canada and but government is not cover the medicine I don't know way.

If you are not covered for ocrevus, your doctor can write in for special access to the treatment. This all should be done through your neurologists office and the drug company directly


Hi my doctor say to me noting we can do now for you , …. Now I have heard in Germany, Florida and Mexico and anther region in America that is a treatment called (building stem)and of course Canada they not arrows to this treatment because it claims to have no money …. something funny