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New lesion, new treatment...

Well, I had a good run while it lasted... Had my last round of Lemtrada in December 2017 and have just found out that I have a new lesion on my spinal cord. So... Treatment options are: - Another round of Lemtrada - Kesimpta - Ocrevus - Cladribine I've opted for Ocrevus because it has the highest efficacy but I'm interested to hear your opinions on any and all of the above please, except for Lemtrada because my local hospital has today declared that it is in Critical status again, and the wait time will be ridiculous. Hit me!!

Hi, I am on Ocrevus. I like this treatment because it’s highly effective, about 75%. I go into the hospital twice a year for infusion , and I don’t have to inject myself. A downside is that it suppresses my immune system. So far, so good. Just coming up for two years on it. No new lesions 🤞. Awaiting an MRI 🤷‍♀️. I think there is a risk of PML. Not 100% sure. All the best.


@Clary thanks for your comment. Have you had any side effects? Is this your first DMT? X