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Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone here has experienced a pretty bad pseudo-relapse and how do you know it's that? I had 2 very bad relapses in the space of 4 months in 2016 (the second one happened 3 weeks after starting Gilenya). I had just started to regain more mobility before Christmas and finally felt like I was recovering when I woke up Christmas morning to this nasty cold everyone is getting. It weakened me and the amount I was able to walk but that was to be expected - nothing too mad. The thing is since then I can't shake it. I've not had a full night's sleep since 23rd December - I'm not sure if this insomnia is caused from the cold or the increased dose of baclofen I started in mid-Dec. Either way the result is I completely lost the use of my right leg yesterday and all the awful nerve pain that comes with that (exactly the same as my last relapse in Sept that I was only recovering from)! Could this be a pseudo-relapse caused by the cold and the fact I'm not sleeping or could it be another full-blown relapse?

@rosiem , there's a good definition of a relapse here :- https://www.mssociety.org.uk/what-is-ms/types-of-ms/relapsing-remitting-rrms And, there's a short chat about a "pseudo exacerbation" :- https://youtu.be/x7gUsz1TI-c Both the cold and the lack of sleep (tiredness) can contribute to a pseudo exacerbation. In the circumstances, you should consult your GP to get some assistance to shift the cold - do explain the MS circumstances behind your request. Hopefully, once the cold is shifted, things will improve for you.


Hi @michael68 - aw thank you so much. I'd be lost without an outlet for this MS stuff without it but it's lovely to know other people like reading it too. Hi @stumbler thanks very much for that. Back from the GP today and I've never been so happy to hear that I've got a bad chest infection. I've had MS exacerbations with heat before but never with an infection so it was pretty scary that it stuck around. Movement back in the leg today so fingers crossed the rest and antibiotics sort it all out.