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Pain in my jaw, I noticed a small abscess of the left side of my mouth so I made an appointment with my dentist. Took a naproxen a went to bed. Wake up at 5am in excruciating pain go to the kitchen to find a pain killer get to the kitchen and collapse come to (dog licking my face and stood over me) managed to crawl to my daughter's bedroom and she calls an ambulance. Lights on and race to hospital, intensive care for 24 hours. From a small mouth sore, infection had gone into my blood and I look like a hamster. My neurologist came to talk to me and has said that MS lowers my immune system so anything even small must be seen immediately. Dangerous high fever. As I begin to feel better I was put on an observation ward then allowed home 12 hours later with everything undercontrol. Doctor will visit me at home every day. So scared. So please dearest friends anything even small do go to the doctors get yourself checked.

Sending hugs and I hope you feel better soon. That sounds very scary. Glad you got through it and got the care you needed.


Get well soon. I had the same thing happen to me about 20 years ago. I couldn't get a dental appointment and ended up with an abscess that burst which then led to Toxic Shock blood poisoning.