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Hi, I'm a newbie 👋

Just thought I'd introduce myself, I've not been officially diagnosed yet, the UK NHS has a long waiting period to see a neurologist but as the symptoms I currently have and more keep popping up MS is being looked at as what is happening. I got niggling brain freeze type chronic headache, followed by word fishing not being able to take things in or remember things, numbness that down left side of body, right hard is slightly number and has tingling that comes n goes, my balance is very bad but it's never been great, I have horrible fatigue daily that doesn't let up, brain fog and I can sleep anywhere at anytime 🫣 I've had an MRI and a CT scan but both showed normal, they were looking for brain tumours and a likely stroke so I'm unsure if by normal they just didn't find them or if they would have picked up on lesions but my Dr is considering MS but isn't able to diagnose it. I'm 39 and work as a lunchtime supervisor as this fits in with my daughter's school holidays perfectly, I love my job and wanted to be an assistant teacher but I'm afraid that with my cognitive function declining (I get a sharp shooting pain headache if I study) that it's not going to be possible, I'm not even sure that just the hour will be ok as I get confused easily and feel overwhelmed, the fatigue for working this hour is really bad too but I love my job, bit of a long winded hi post 🤣

Welcome @Ravenfox , I'm an undiagnosed newbie too, it's such a difficult time being in limbo and suffering. It's great that you have reached out and finding a support network. I hope you find answers soon. Hugs and strength coming your way xx


@MammaCarr thank you so much, it definitely is a difficult time, not knowing and not having any treatment is so hard, it's changed so much of my life already and I'm constantly worried this is just the start, hope you find answers soon too, love and hugs your way xxx