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Dietary Changes

Hey everyone! Currently on my last day of steroids for my second relapse since diagnosis last year, hooray! Have any of you incorporated changes to your diet? And did you notice any benefits? I started with replacing all dairy with vegan options last year but not exclusively, and trying to increase my fruit and veg intake also, which is tough as I'm picky with veggies. Kate x

Hey, I tried to make diet changes last year too. I bought vegan alternatives and didn't like any of it. I did use soya milk for a while but that got expensive and constantly had stomach cramps. I now use lactose free milk which has helped me with less nerve pain. I don't know for sure if that is the reason for it but I'm sticking with it for now anyway. Hope you get some good advice :)


I struggled eating veg and fruit until I learnt you can just put them in a blender add orange juice and drink them (smoothies) , try it