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Hello all. Just wondering if anyone else can relate with having a partner whom also has an autoimmune disease? I have RRMS and my partner is currently going through the tests etc with suspected IBD. They haven’t been to work for coming up to 5 weeks now because they are having problems leaving the house but where we only have one bathroom, a family one with our son, it is making every day a struggle and no matter what time we wake up, we can’t leave the house until gone afternoon. Has anyone experienced anything like this or something similar please? How can we woke out whose bladder and bowel habits are more of a priority? Many thanks.

My son moved in with me last year when a variety of health problems, including IBD, stopped him from working. We do have a spare toilet in the cellar, but it's difficult for both of us to get down the stairs most days. What saves us is that we have completely different schedules. I'm on the ground floor and awake during the day, and he's mostly upstairs and up all night. If you're sharing a life and a bed, that's really not going to work for you! Unless you're dealing with bowel-control issues, I'd say that your partner gets first dibs on the bathroom. Is it possible to set up a porta-potty in your bedroom or at the very least a bucket in a closet for you to use when you can't wait? I actually had to do that for a few years after my divorce. The kids and I shared a rented room that had a communal bathroom at the other end of the house. It wasn't fun, but it worked.


I’ll see if something like that can be arranged, it is a difficult position to be in.