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Exercise while working

There's a lot of commentary out there on "exercise for improving fatigue". I'm keen to exercise, used to be a hiker and loved to run, swim and walk. Since diagnosis I have really struggled with fatigue and mobility, and exercise is really modest personal training, light walking and yoga. I also work full time and have a 4 year old, so time is limited as well as energy! How do people do it?? Any tips out there for working mums living with fatigue?

It sounds like you are a busy person. Fitting in exercise can be difficult. Would a yoga or Pilates video work for you???? Hope you can find something that suits.


I found that starting was the hardest part, once my body aclimatised to exercising which did take a few weeks it started to help with the fatigue. Also making sure to eat and hystrate was massivlynimportant