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Help please- any experience of The Teacher Pension scheme Uk?

Hi, This is my first post, but I’d like to say a huge thank you to the MS community, reading your posts and comments has been really useful over the past 14 months. I’m a deputy head of a large primary school and struggling to do my role with ever increasing fatigue. I’ve decided to leave my post at the end of the summer term, ideally to go travelling with my husband while I still have some mobility. Informing my head of this today, she mentioned medical retirement from the teachers pension scheme. Has anyone had any experience of this? Advice to offer? My concern is that I may of shot myself in the foot by struggling in to work and not taking the time off I should have done, hence on paper, showing I was well. Thanks for reading Nicky

I'm honestly not 100% sure but I think to retire on medical grounds you have to be off sick for 6+ months then they can start the process.


@Ralee thanks for this, I thought it would be something like this.