Tysabri International

Hi all! I’m really excited I found a forum like this - I’ve been trying to find a solution and I was wondering if perhaps someone here has insight - I live in the US and I’m currently on Tysabri (switched from Tecfidera) for over two years and it’s working well. I am supposed to receive the infusion every 28 days; my Dr. is happy with the results and wouldn’t want to switch me. I’ve been trying to figure out how to not let my MS hold me back and because I work remotely, I’ve been hoping to travel or even move temporarily for over a month at a time. It’s been stressful to either make sure I’m back in time or be anxious that I’m missing an infusion… so my question for y’all is- Would there be a way for me to get an insurance plan that might cover Tysabri outside the country? Or is there a way for it to be received subsidized? I’m also wondering if it would be possible to keep my US insurance (Medicaid) and get another country’s insurance or an international plan of some sort? Or is my only/best option to try and switch medications…? Thank you all so much!