A little about myself

When I was 11 yrs old I lost my vision completely in my left eye after 5 eye Dr finally found one that knew what was wrong. I have a rare eye disease that only happens to young women and 20% of them end up with MS. Well I was 1 of the lucky 20% I guess. (It's all God's plan) Not knowing the percentage of me getting ms was shocking because I probably would have listened to my body better in my early 20s. I self diagnosed myself in 2016 when I was going to school to become a medical assistant. A year later the right side of my face went numb, the numbness didn't go away so after 2 months of a numb face I finally got approved for a MRI, then when the MRI results came back my brain looked like a pizza with way to many toppings. I did lemtrada for my treatment which was a nightmare working with insurance to get it approved. I have successfully completed lemtrada and all the monthly blood work I'm having flare ups but no damage (new lesions) so far on my brain. I become completely numb from head to toe a year ago after 2 rounds of steriods and not getting better I quit working to take care of myself better and be able to take care of my daughter. New symptom/flare up my whole body goes tingly numb and my vision becomes blurry ir completely black. Yes I'm only 35 and quit working but my health is more important.