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Sudden, intense stomach cramps

Hey everyone. I've suffered with intense stomach cramps since my teens. They're not often but have become more often recently and more severe. They come on incredibly sudden and don't usually last too long but they're so painful I usually break out in a sweat, feel incredibly sick and I'm crying in agony. They last about 10-20minutes and they also make me need to rush to the toilet. The pain usually radiates up into my back and chest and I feel like I'm having a heart attack. The cramps are so severe that today I wasn't able to catch my train home when it was minutes away. I had to call a taxi to my parents and stay here for the night. I didn't feel like it was possible for my travel and get home. Does anyone else experience this? I'm not sure if it's an MS thing or something else.

So, OK, I have to add that I’ve had periods of time when I will get these super sudden super-strong cramps right under my sternum, right at the top of my stomach. It feels like it is near the surface. When it happens, it shocks me with the pain, lasts for just a couple seconds, but then repeats itself several times. I saw my GP and he did a chest X-ray and saw nothing. He said it could be one of those wacky MS things where nerves are mis-firing. Anyway, your situation sounds somewhat similar. If you find out more from your doctor, I’d be curious to know what he/she thinks!


@Criscross21 it does sound similar! I'm going to mention it to my nurse when I speak with her next. I get very similar cramps in my base of my back which also radiates into my chest. I wasn't sure if it's like a ms hug sort of thing. In a bad relapse I had I felt my entire waist and chest go numb and tight for weeks. It's not like what I experienced with that, so I'm not sure. I'm thinking it could be ms related though. Thanks for replying to my comment. If I hear anything regarding my cramps I'll revisit this post!