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Do symptoms get better after treatment?

I just found out that I have ms in December. I go for my second dose of my first infusion of Ocrevus on Monday. So far my symptoms haven't gotten better. In fact it seems like my symptoms keep getting progressively worse over yhe last 6ish months. I have tremors that seem to get worse when I use my hands for fine motor and get as bad as pretty much my whole body tremors and I sometimes twitch. Also, dizzy, balance off, walk into things, my legs give out sometimes, numbness in left leg and back that comes and goes, can't get words I want to say out, fatigue, migraines. I wZ just on a steroid taper 3 weeks ago and it didn't help. I also have had Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia for for about 10 years. My question is will some of this get better on the Ocrevus or will I just not get any worse? Do flair ups last longer than 6 months?

Steroid would recover ur symptomn if its eligable to be treated by its own in a longer tike without steroid I hope u didnt lost me there 🫥🙄🫥 Steengthen ur hands by squeezing rubber ball and baseball ⚾️ ball anything resistance regarding yo balance add ur finger 30 cm away from ur face between ur eyes till dizziness stops push ur finger further slowly as much as u can Excuse my English


Hi - it's very early days with your DMT. Saying that, ocreluzimab is designed to reduce your relapses, and slow progression. It's not meant to stop/reduce the symptoms you already have - though it might in some rare cases when they're very recent. I've read that any symptoms you get within the first year of Ocrevus are generally as a result of lesions that you already had. I hope you feel better soon. If you don't already, starting exercise - even a home workout - could help a lot. Asking for a referral to a physio could also help.