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Hey guys anyone on tysabri ? I have just had infusion number 3 the first one I felt amazing after But after infusion number 2 I was ok BUT now I’ve had the 3rd one I feel like worse then before I started it the fatigue is so much worse then ever; I also am worried as have tested positive for JC virus and not a low positive which also worries me

Hi man, I've been on tysabri for 10 years I finished my last dose in December, had to change treatment due to testing positive for the JC virus a lil back a year two I still stayed on the tysabri but with longer timing apart to confuse the virus. Got a bit more time on the medicine my Dr kept a very close eye blood test and MRI more frequent


Hey mate. I've been on Tysabri for the past 2 and a bit years. I can't speak to the JCV aspect of your post, but I'm happy to talk about life with Tysabri. In my experience, I do tend to feel a bit fatigued after every infusion. This shows up a number of ways. Most times it's me being tired and cranky. Infusions can really test your system, so this is pretty natural. Sleeping it off tends to work for me. Nine times out of ten I'm good to go in the morning. Sometimes I feel like an absolute husk afterwards- if you know the experience of inter-hemisphere jetlag you'll be familiar with the sensation. That one usually requires a day off work to recover. The only times I've felt the latter are times when I've been dehydrated and started my infusion. I have a terrible habit of not drinking enough water (one time I showed up properly dehydrated with a coffee in my hand and the nurse made me throw it out and drink a pint of water before we began - serves me bloody right!) Wishing you all the best. Tysabri has kept me happy and healthy, and I hope it does the same for you.