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Live for today. Tomarrow is a gift not promised. Find the good no matter how bad. I say no cause no cure why the pricy meds? They say they help with relapses. Hmm okay. Well, I have been on my fav copaxone for over 14years. I don't do rebif it was suicidal Tecfidera made me rudolf the reindeer with redness. I don't want all the side effects of most meds. I am strick to stay as authenti as possible. I know i am lit up head neck and spine now. As when my other neurop said I am secondary just treat symptoms I lit up over a year not on anything. Still not doing great but i am a fighter. So it is what it is. Now with trigemnal neuralgia I am on seizure meds that make me so so sleepy. heartburn meds for GERD and thinking of which to change to. I am good with my cannibus oil card but it is too expensive. Ins does not pay for cannibus oil. I enjoy my bullkita and husky dogs. They are hugh but keep me going. I am mindful. stay in the moment. With mS its a rollercoaster never know what the next hour will bring. Its the only thing that stays the same is change. Changes non stop with ms. Just roll with it. Ride the wave of life. I love my husker football season is about to start. The tailgating food is tasty. Love trying new recipies. Working on kon marie cleaning and minimalization. Bye to high heals, Bye to dancing. Bye to traveling very far. Bye to the old me. Bye to my hometown. Bye to suntanning and swimming and boating. Bye to alot of hopes and dreams. Hello to new experiences. Hello to new pace SLOW! Hello to bath tub rails Hello to healthy foods and exercise slowly. hello to the ice cold house. Hello to peace and quiet and loving myself not taking abuse or narcisstic people. Acceptance. Be positive and focus on yourself. I wake up and think what to do today. Then I do it if a good day or pace myself and do what I can and what I hoped to do try the next day. It is a optomistic way of life. I do tend to overdo it on my good days and usually will pay within the week for doing that. It is important to get proper sleep and good sleep. It is a big factor in success beating this MS Monster!

What a good attitude, @marianne_wilson 😉


@stumbler Thank you. Sending you sunshine and happiness!