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Brain Awake

Greetings! I am new on this site and learning my way around. Has anyone else heard of a natural supplement called Brain Awake? I ran across it at The Vitamin Shoppe while I was looking for a natural pain killer my doc wanted me to try. It improves your memory, energy and helps you focus. It really helps, unlike the pain killer, sad to say. I have been diagnosed for 7 yrs now and this stuff really helps, even at work! I cant work at my previous career of office management but i am making $$. I was prescibed Ritalin to help memory and such but no longer feel the need for it now, with Brain Awake! Good stuff! Have a wonderful day full of Christmas magic!

I am glad it works for you, but it seems like its mostly a combination of some B vitamins and caffeine. That would give you the short term boost plus the brain vitamins. Personally seems cheaper and likely more effective to just buy the components you care about directly.


Thank you friends for your responses! I hope you are enjoying your holidays! I talked to my doctor about Brain Awake and their only response was to just keep taking it. They didnt disect it and tell me what to take instead. The idea of natural instead of meds is very appealing. There is so much information out there, how do we know what to believe!?! =) Definitely would not go for repeated snake bites though! =0