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I want to meet fellow MS’ers

Hi all, I am new here. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m 36y/o from Brisbane, Australia. I was working as a registered nurse in hospital when I was diagnosed in 2019 with RRMS. I have since had to retire from my job, unfortunately. I have multiple spinal and brain lesions (interesting haha, Ofcourse I do, that’s why we are all here) that cause me to have permanent burning in both of my feet (like I am walking through hot coals), numbness in lower left leg which at times causes my leg to give way, lower back pain, regular fatigue that can wipe me out for days and migraines. I have to walk with a cane now, but I don’t fall anywhere near as much as what I do when I don’t have him with me. Yes, he has a name (Louie the pick axe), a 6 year old helped me name him. If anyone is interested in chatting feel free to get in contact with me in the comments.

I just had a birthday I’m actually 37y/o. I also have memory issues and brain fog.


Hang in there! I know this is tough! For all of us!