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Rant: MS research fundraising?

Dear All I have just discovered that the UK's MS Society gave £1.2 million in research funding to universities in 2015. Yet it spent £6.9 million in the same year on fundraising, and a generous £10.5 million on salaries that year too. This information was given to me by the MS Society itself, so this is not hearsay etc. What?! It spends SEVENTEEN million plus pounds to raise ONE million plus pounds for research? Evidently, they need an Economist! It is clear that individuals with MS are very low down the food chain and I am furious. We look to this society to help us and we are clearly non-entities eh, unless we are walking the Great Wall of China or bullying our friends into walking sponsored 10kms etc. Effectively, these organisations want us to raise funding and then disappear. Plus, it takes weeks to get a response. Can anyone tell me otherwise? Can someone say they had a massage, a wheelchair, a counselling treatment countesy of the MS Society? Would anyone be interested in getting together (ie meeting) so we can organise our own group, or can Shift MS help us to shift the balance? Thanks for listening/reading...rant over! LucyH xx