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Just wondering what's your thoughts are?

Have you ever felt like you've backed your self into a corner with no way out? I've been officially told I'm now spms...no great shock I have been for years but neuro always told me I was rrms so I could still have DMT (tec). I've been NEDA since I started, now that mayzent has been approved he wants me to switch... trouble now is if that med doesn't work out, I'm left with no access to DMTs. Just wondering what your thoughts are? Cheers

Why has you label changed what’s the clinical definition and evidence ie what is the qualifying criteria behind your neuro re classification? Age, condition, stability, progression edss scale changes etc? Because if you have progressed then the tec might not have been working as it should and you would be eligible for another ie ocrevus, kesimpta etc to see if that stabilises your condition or manages it better but as you say if you go over to maybe the it’s a very limited option. Ie just the one also have you been accessing therapies for your symptoms/progression ie physio, hydro, occupational health etc etc either way you are entitled to a second opinion and have a right to consider your options ie clinical proof etc Then go from there because if you have reached that milestone despite all the above then that though limited would be your best option really but it’s your body, your condition and your life. Good luck whatever you decide and sending you loads of support - take care of yourself and yours coz your important


@Runningonempty Hi well I knew it would catch up with me one day....I couldn't pick a pen out of his hand and he noticed my eyes don't align one bit. As he explained MRI don't always catch the finer details and to be fair to him there's not much more he can do... I'm just getting old disgracefuly! One last throw of the dice... I'll be a millionaire by my birthday next week! 🤑