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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I was looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago and I have been very fortunate that I have kept well and I am on no medication and never have been. The only thing I take daily is VitD3 (5,000 units). I have postponed getting the vaccine as I am just as scared getting it as I am of contracting Covid. I totally understand the possible implications if I do get Covid but I have also heard of a lot of people with MS that have had really bad reactions to the vaccine which have lasted months. Sometimes its triggering old symptoms and sometimes its triggering new ones. According to all the relevant health organisations like MHRA and the main ones in the USA it actually states that people with autoimmune diseases can have the vaccine, however there is no data regarding its safety in people with autoimmune diseases. I completely understand that there are risks on either side and the risks are probably higher getting Covid, however part of me wants to wait and see if more information comes out in relation to the safety of the vaccine in relation to MS or wait and see if all the drugs they are trialling at the moment can stop Covid in its tracks and therefore the chances of long Covid or dying are significantly reduced. I am scheduled to have the vaccine on 12th July but I am thinking of postponing it again as I am so anxious about getting it. I was hoping that people could give me their feedback on how the vaccine affected them and what vaccine they had. If I decide to get it, I am going to go for Psyzer as that one seems to have significantly less side effects than Astrazeneka, although it does concern me that we are guinea pigs for the Mrna type vaccines. Many thanks

@Loulou1962 Hi I've had both the Pfizer jabs and other than a slightly sore arm after them I've been fine. I wouldn't think twice about having to do it again if I had to.


Thanks for getting back to me