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Thank you so much for the information and for listening or reading? I have to start treatment for latent TB tomorrow, which lasts for 3 months. I will then be told which DMTs for my RRMS will be appropriate and safe for me. I’ve been off treatment since October, due to a relapse and new lesions. Still trying to be positive. Best wishes to anyone reading Lisa



Hi Lisa, How do you know you tested positive for latent TB before you know which DMT you can have? Only reason I ask is because I've been going through this recently.. I tested positive at lemtrada prescreening in November and started TB treatment (rifampicin) in January and the Respiratory team at the QE in Birmingham said I could then commence lemtrada 4 to 6 weeks later if I tolerate it. Im now half way through lemtrada this week. I may be wrong but as far as I know Latent TB and or TB treatment are only contraindicated in lemtrada because of its affect on the immune system.. If you'd like to message me with any questions feel free Beth x



Hi Lisa, I don't have latent TB but am totally understand another disease being in the forefront of your mind, mine was Breast Cancer, which didn't interfere with my medications, but hopefully it's all over and done with now and you will be in the same position one day. Keep smiling, and sometimes just knowing someone is reading what you write bucks you up! Jill xxx