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New diagnosis

My mum has been diagnosed with ms a month ago she has trouble walking. In the last week she has fallen over several times and is literally crying in pain despite being on painkillers. Her gp said the falling over is not normal and we need to speak to the neurologist despite several attempts he hasn’t called back. We are really struggling as we do not know enough about ms to know if she’s having a relapse or what is going on. I’m at my wits end can anyone help

Hello @Lframe, great that you've come here to support your mum. So she is probably recovering from the relapse which led to her diagnosis; does she say she has had symptoms going back years? It may be that the type she has isn't yet confirmed. Has the neuro spoken with her about treatments or a DMD? Well, most of us have stories of falling over, and that is quite characteristic of MS so not sure why the GP says that?? Does your mum have an MS nurse, and when is her follow-up appointment? Sorry to ask so many questions!


Lots of people with ms. Some due to balance or muscle weakness. Hope you get hold of the neurologist soon.