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Ocrevus side effects

Hi everyone, I have been taking my 2nd dose of Ocrevus (it's been a year already). I was on Tysabri but had to stop the treatment due to the JC virus. In only one year, I've been suffering from a severe sore throat (I couldn't eat properly for a week), the sudden development of a cutaneous abscess, and more importantly I've been having severe episodes of recurrent conjunctivitis. An ophthalmologist discovered later on (7 months later) a heavy growth of a bacteria that is rarely located in the eyes. Let's not forget also always being sick, coughing a lot and feeling weak most of the time. I've also been feeling weirdly dizzy lately when I stand up the first 5 seconds. I've been trying my best to carry on on my studies, but this year has been too painful and tiring... I am really concerned about all this. 😓 Has anyone else been exposed to those health issues the first year? Or am I seriously and uniquely unlucky? Thank you so much for your help ! 💞

That sounds pretty unlucky especially because you still have your “memory” white cells that should be protecting you against infections. Ocrevus only targets the new B cells. Have you had your immunoglobulins checked? Maybe you need a top-up.