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Software issue?

Hi, My name is Lidia...and I have RRMS(still being tearfull about it) I have seen recently my neurologist. I have complaint about fatigues, headaches, pains and weakness of one side...following to my complaint he has taken me for physical exam and told me that my left side is weaker but not greatly. Finally he compared the whole observations to computer, that everything is ok with my cabels, but the problem is with a software... since the chat with him, I feel super low like he belitteled me, and my needs. I am all ready in antidepressants, but they now don't even help... I am not sure what did he mean, and he couldn't explain that to me another way than relating to computer... So the question is, can I autosugestie my self the squishing pains in arm, head? The sement in my leg? The pins and needles? As with rrms...I am supposed to be fine? A penny for any of your thoughts. With Kind Regards Lidia ❤️

Yeah I've met many neurologists like this over the past 40 years, doctors are not much better either.. they tend to use really stupid words that make no sense what so ever.. I have found that I have permanent pins and needles to varying different degrees depending on how stressed I am as well ..I have permanent weakness on my left hand side and it's been here with me for over 20 plus years in varying degrees I really don't let it bother me anymore because it's another part of my MS...


And I have found most of neurologists and doctors and Ms nurses to be complete morons who really don't give a shit about the patients... But then again that's probably just my paranoia.... 😂