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hip/ back spasticity is so painful!

Hi all Im new here.I was diagnosed with RRMS In 2016 while pregnant with my 3rd baby. It was totally out of the blue I had never been investigated before for it. Im on Tecfidera since she was born october 2016 and have had no new lesions. Ive had a weaked left side since the first lesion in 2016. i also had lots of older lesions that I had previouslybut never knew . I'm healthy do pilates and was very active up to about 8 months ago. regular walks 4 times a week and running after 3 kids under 8! I've had pain and what I think is spasticity in my hips for ages.My neuro did mris and xray but all were ok The last week my back has gone in horrific spasm and pain that I could only walk bent over! My gp started gabapentin and then had to add baclofen and valium...Im a bit lost now.Its improved slightly but is still very painful and i can't walk properly and still have back/ hip pain . What do i do? I've emailed my neurologist but i haven't heard from her. I have 3 kids and my husband works so I need to get mobile and well again.Any help or advice would really be welcome .Im down in the dumps which is not like me at all