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Covid +

Hey Everyone, I tested positive for Covid 4days ago and I have been having symptoms for 8 days. I feel horrible still. Apparently there was a pill I could have taken before day 5 of symptoms however, I found out about the pill and called my doctor on day 6. So they can’t prescribe it. I feel like it’s never going away! I don’t want to get my little ones sick so I had them staying at their nana’s now they are back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to feel better? I’m on Ocrevus so my immune system is shot. Any help would have great. Oh, I’m also double vax… not sure it’s doing me any favours in this situation though.

So very sorry you’re dealing with Covid but I know how dreadful it makes you feel. I had it earlier this year and I too had been vaccinated and boosted at the time I caught it. Thinking back, the best things that helped me were trying hard to make sure I kept a good fluid intake, zinc, theraflu, and Tylenol. Unfortunately it knocked me down for about 10 -14 days.


I used the same remedies as @ILLegallyT except for zinc, and plenty of rest. When I had it, I wasn’t vaccinated. It’s no walk in the park, but you’ll get over it.