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Relapses and RRMS

Hello. I was diagnosed in 2019 with RRMS and really only had the initial balance and optic issues and then 2 months later a numb face. Can people who have had no relapses for 4 years have one out of the blue? I thought with RRMS you might have a relapse every year. I am worried that my luck might run out.

@Kirstie_Hawkins I had a six year wait between my first relapse and my second, then two years between that and my third, then I got my MS diagnosis. It all depends on you and what is happening in your brain/spinal cord. No-one is the same. Since starting my DMT, I've had no relapses for 9 years, long may it continue. The plan is for you to have NO relapses at all. That's the job of the DMT, if you are having regular relapses then you need to speak to your neurologist and think about changing your drug.


Thanks Andrea. So happy for you that it’s under control and you are willing and able to share your story. I think you are right that it’s prob down to the DMTs that I haven't had any relapses. Feeling so lucky to have the opportunity of the medication.