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Hi there. I am new here. I AM 49 years old and I was just diagnosed with PPMS this past Tuesday. I've been through so much testing over the past 6 months. Deep down, I new it was MS, but I didn't expect to be PPMS. I know I have a ton to learn and a challenging journey ahead of me. Because this is SO new to me, I don't really know what to expect. I know everyone is different. Currently, my legs are kinda weak, they get worse the more I'm doing or the more tired I get. I have numbness (including pain) in some of my fingers and both feet. I also have some bladder problems. My case has been very challenging because I only have spinal cord lesions and no brain involvement. My neurologist has ordered Ocrevus, but cannot start until my insurance authorizes it. Any education/info and/or advice is so appreciated.

I know how you feel. It too ages to confirm my diagnosis and getting the meds delivered (Tecfidera) was a nightmare! Once you're on the Ocrevus you may find things calm down a bit. This is the drug I wanted to take but allergists told me it was too risky for me. I was rather looking forward to "a nice 5 hour sit down with a book" every 6 months! Stay active and do all the things advised in the OMS handbook - this has worked wonders for me and probably helped my cardio, mental, muscle and neuro fitness as well.....also lowers risk of several cancers etc so well worth getting into! Good luck on your journey.


@styubud - great to know. Thank you SO much for the info. Is the OMS handbook something you purchase?