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Another question! Starting treatment.

I seem to be posting a lot recently but everything is starting to come together in my head now! I have my first appointment next week with a specialist MS Neurologist and the nurse. I have a list of questions and topics I want to discuss with them, but the main thing I want to be prepared for are their suggestions of treatments. So I’d like to know what the first DMT was that people were offered/told to consider? I have RRMS and my main problem at the minute is balance and walking (probably not helped by the fact that I injured myself due to trying to do too much!). The only other symptom I can think of that could possibly have a big effect on my day-to-day life at the moment is occasional vertigo (but I haven’t experienced that in the last month). What do you think they are likely to suggest to me? I want to research things so I can try a DMT as soon as possible. I finished a 5-day-course of methylprednisolone the other day and that is the only thing that I’ve taken so far. Any info about the most likely things they will suggest would be greatly appreciated folks! Thanks in advance 😉