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Hello! I just wanted to give a quick shout out for Shift which is in serious contention for winning the £10,000 from the Aviva Community fund - but only if it gets more votes by Friday. Voting takes two minutes (even less if you give all ten voted to Shift!) - you just need to register on line. And anyone can do it - no need to be an Aviva customer - so please help spread the word as widely as possible. Shift are planning on using the money to re-build the "map" function - helping pwMS find people in their local area. I was only diagnosed in June (after a diagnosis of CIS in March) and it knocked me for six. Shift helped me stop catastrophising and made me realise that rather than booking a trip to Switzerland I should first look into how the disease can be managed. From this site I found out about David's campath journey and I found hope. @tracyd's blog (again discovered on shift) then let me know what I needed to do to access this (I received round one of lemtrada in August) and led me to helpful Facebook groups. Best of all, the site got me in contact with lovely pwMS going through similar experiences for coffee and wine in the real life - knocking down the horrid feeling of fear and isolation caused by the diagnosis. The map will help facilitate this - and Shift deserves all the funding it can get to improve functionality to help those of us diagnosed with this bloody disease. Shift has helped me a lot over the last few months in coming to terms with my diagnosis. This call to vote (and the casting of my own votes) is my attempt repay Shift and to playitforward. Ta K x

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Have just discovered that if you have a second e-mail address you can register that one too and so get 20 votes. Had already asked close friends and family to vote, looks like I'll have to go back and pester them again... Surely between us all we can win that £10k for Shift!