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I was moved from Rebif to Copaxone and I'm struggling. I find the after part of the injection painful. The needle depth is set to 11, which is 1 off the highest, and I'm small (5ft 1, 8.3 stone) but I get a build up of the fluid, bruising and generally feels like I've been pushed in the stomach for a day or so after. Then I have to do another one. I've used compresses and massaging to help, but it does nothing.

Hi is the depth set correctly? I had mine set on 8 and I’m fairly slim. Sorry I came off Copaxone about 6 months ago so can’t remember whether you go up or down depending on ‘fatty’ tissue depth. Have you tried manually injecting? I never could be wondered if that might help. I used to always get red lumpy patches but they generally calmed down. Might be worth a call to your MS nurse if you haven’t already. Hope you get it sorted


You go up to go deeper. I started at 6 (my ms nurse said that) and I've gone to 11, I've done a couple of manual injections, but I can't really get myself to inject like that yet. Takes forever and a lot of stress. My MS nurse and the people who solely for Copaxone just say go deeper, but ive done it, it still happens. Apparently also to "relax", which is difficult unless someone else does it, but still get the same after effects. Thank you!