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DMTs with less severe side effects!??

Hi all ! I had an episode of optic neuritis 8 yrs ago,had an MRI done and there was some lesions. Ar the time me and my neurologist decided to wait and see what happens rather than starting any treatment. I wasnt happy with how all treatments work and rhe side effects scared me a lot. This year however I experienced vertigo for couple of months- GP prescribed betahistine tablets, and I must say they gavw me my life back until I stopped them. I started to experience slight leg weakness- some days I feel like mt legs are like jelly, other days I feel completely normal. I had another MRI done with contrast which showed a Flair, but the radiologist report didnt state anything of concern. The neurologist send me 6months after that to have another one, rhis time of mt spine as well. She called me 3 days ago and said I didnt have new lesions since last MRI rhat was sone 6 months ago, but I have 2 on my spinal cord, and suggested I start treatment. I am waiting for her to send me a letter woth all the meds she suggest I start and I can choose which one to go for. I think she said i have a choice of 5. My issue is that I have researches almost all dmts and the side effects terrify me. It doesnt help that I live alone either. I thought I would post on here and see if anyone can suggest anything. I’m also looking to make new friends within the community as I think this will help me deal better with whatever it is to come! Thank you all in advance 😊

I'm on Ocrevus I have gotten my first 2 half doses and one full dose due for my next in January, and I have experienced no side effects. I still work my full time job on my feet 8 plus hours a day as well as raise 2 kids age 8 and 14 and help my wife since she has advanced Lupus. I was nervous as hell to start it by my last mri showed progression so it seems good so far. I know it's scary ro start a treatment because I was but I have no regrets. You got this


@Mudd Thank you for replying and you have my biggest admiration for still keeping what sounds like a very busy life.