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Copaxone or Plegridy

Hello everyone, just back from my neurologist appointment. I was diagnosed with RRMS in June and have only had 2 mild sensory relapses in the last couple of years. My neurologist has suggested I read up and research these two DMTs with a view to maybe starting one of them after I’ve had my second MRI in May/June next year. Obviously it’s my choice, but I want to see what the outcome of the MRI is first to see if the MS is progressing at all. So anyone on either of these two dmts, what are your experiences of them please?



I was on Copaxone for about 5 years, and I really liked it because I didn't notice any side effects except for injection site reactions. (Which were a bit unpleasant.) I would have liked to have stayed on it, but I had to switch to Avonex as my injection sites were finally worn out, with quite a lot of skin atrophy. I've put up with Avonex now for 7 years, but in my case the flu-like symptoms have been a real pain. I'm about to switch to Plegridy, in January. Plegridy is a newer formulation of Avonex, which was developed to inject every two weeks, rather than every week. The side-effects seem to vary greatly from person to person, so you may be lucky and get away with a fortnightly Plegridy injection that you can just forget about in between. Of course, if you chose one that you really didn't get on with, it would always be possible to switch again down the line.



@julesds1977 , it is well worthwhile reading up on all the available DMTs, as the two suggested for you are entry-level, first line therapies. There are better, more effective treatments now available. The strategy of starting with the least effective treatment, upgrading as you acquire more disability is now outdated. The "hit it hard and fast", with the most effective treatments, is the latest strategy. Here's an introduction to DMTs :- https://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/store-pdfs/Disease-modifying-drugs-WEB.pdf With a more extensive read here :- https://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/DMD-Book-Final-WEB.pdf With a handy tool to help you decide here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/ms-treatments/ms-decisions-aid



@julesds1977 Hey there, would highly suggest to read though the articles stumbler sent you. Me been on Copaxone since I was diagnosed 4or5 years ago.. Been fortunate-lucky enough to have zero big relapses.. But that's just my case. All my best wishes :)



I'm due to start on plegridy having my prescription delievered tomorrow then have to ring hospital for them to show me how to use,I'm newly diagnosed as well since march time



Hi I haven’t read the other responses in detail but they seem to offer good advice especially the one about hitting ms hard from the outset.. Personally I was offered 3 or 4 injectable treatments back in 2016 after diagnosis and Plegridy was the one I chose purely because it was injecting every 2 weeks. I felt under pressure to start a treatment at the time but I should’ve asked more questions and did more research. I do have a gripe about that to be honest and being asked to choose a treatment by reading a few booklets is unacceptable. My experience of Plegridy was unpleasant and it wiped out my weekend as I injected on a Friday evening. It became slightly easier at times and I experienced the shivering and extreme tiredness.Having young children this became very difficult. I changed neurologists and I was then offered Lemtrada which although has serious side effects has made life easier for me and my family. Having said that Lemtrada has been temporarily restricted until the European Medicines Agency finishes a review after so serious side effects have been reported. Everybody reacts differently to these medications and Plegridy did not suit me at all so I couldn’t recommend it. I wish you well and I highly recommend researching and asking lots of questions and be a pain in the [email protected]?! and aim to get a hard hitting treatment.