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Can stress be causing aches and pains??

Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing ok. Ive been getting a lot of random aches and pains lately, mainly in my legs, bum and lower back. They never stay longer than a day, and seem to move about my body! As I've mentioned before in another post I was only diagnosed in June. I'm struggling with anxiety and worry a lot of the time, which is making me stressed. I've had a lot of other stress in the last few months too, which I know won't have helped! My question really is: Could the stress and anxiety be causing a flare up which is presenting as this aching issue?? The problem is I'm hypersensitive to any random feeling I'm getting. And every little twinge, tingle or ache I'm worrying is the start of something MS related. I'm desperately trying to keep calm and rest. As I know that will help. But it's sometimes hard when my anxiety is very high. I know everyone is different, but any experiences or advice from you guys would be much appreciated. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š