Lemtrada...positivity 😊

Hi everyone I hope we are all well and glad to see the back of the horrible snow ☃️ Thought I would share a bit of positivity... went to visit a Neuro optomologist today as it’s now been 7 months since my second ever ms relapse and 4months post lemtrada round 1...so back in August my double vision prism prescription was a 12...in October it was an 8..and today post lemtrada has dropped down again to a 6...so all moving in the right direction...As I walked through the door he greeted me with “I bet you were delighted to see the stem cell programme last night weren’t you” and then he pulled my MRI scan in the screen and commented “your MRI looks pretty good to me, hardly any lesions” I never asked at my diagnosis how many lesions I had as I was scared to know....so all in all a positive day an upward day on my lemtrada journey (finally) it’s been a gruelling journey for me 😩 but if you can be brave enough to go for the “big guns” until stem cells are really out there...I would say “go for it” x