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Moving abroad with MS

Hi, Does anyone have any experience of moving abroad temporarily with MS from the UK. Specifically to either Canada or New Zealand. Me and my husband have been keen to move to one these countries and I may now have the opportunity to work in one of them for a one or at most 2 years. But I'm worried my MS will make this impossible. I have RR MS and am currently on plegredy and well controlled. Not sure if I will completely lose any access toy treatment through the NHS and if I would have to pay privately in both of these countries. If they would even let me get a visa because of my ms. Any experience or advice would be very welcome. Thanks.

@jessbaz , you have to follow your dreams if at all possible. Have you tried posing these questions to the High Commission of each country in London? And to the MS Society in New Zealand and Canada?


@stumbler Thanks for your reply. I have contacted MS Soc New Zealand who have been incredibly helpful. Still waiting on hearing back from MS Soc Canada. That's a good idea about contacting the high commissions. I'll look into that. MS Soc in UK have also sent me some things advice but also suggested posting on here to see if there was anyone out there who had done similar. I'm hoping there is. :-)