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vibrating and tingling after exercise

I was just diagnosed last month and I have optic neuritis.Aside from that I feel ok.I started light exercise on my treadmill this past week for 30 minutes a session,now I'm noticing a vibrating feeling in my feet and sometimes tingling.It is never painful,just annoying.Should I be concerned? I can't not exercise....

It sounds like one of the annoying symptoms of MS, Dysaesthesia ( http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/dysaesthesia.jsp ). If this gets more than just annoying you, there are drugs available to address this. So, at any stage, you can discuss this with your MS Nurse. And, yes, you should still exercise, but build up and see how you feel the next day, before going to the next level. Just don't over-do it. :wink: 30 minutes on a treadmill! I remember the days...... :roll:


Yes so do I, with it on the highest gradient when I got off my legs were like jelly and I could hardly walk to the rowing machine, got that now without killing myself, joking aside, I think your body will let you know when to stop, enjoy.