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Interrupting people and being interrupted by MS

I have developed a terrible habit of interrupting people, It's like my brain can't quite control when it should 'go' and I don't want to forget what I was going to say (because I often do). Does anyone else have this? I feel really terrible about it sometimes. We discuss this on the latest episode of Multiple Shenanigans and also how MS in general interrupts your life. Also we chat about an appointment with an occupational therapist who suggested that I should rest more, and laugh about Lytisha's terrible breakfast combo and how my mum bought 20 pies! Hope you like it xx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt5jLifnCc



Funny you say that because I think I get the same thing. A lot of my job is over the phone or video call and this happens quite a bit. Makes me look really unprofessional and can tell it really annoys people. Could be related to slurring and yeah brain fog not being able to verbalise things. Attempts to try and control this just causes more fatigue. I think when communicating in this way there is more of a demand on the nervous system which doesn’t help and harder to read social cues.



Hi James, that's really interesting, I hadn't properly thought about how this could cause further fatigue, but I think you're right. I tend to get into the situation where I realise I've interrupted someone, it looks bad, then I try to put it right and overcompensate and l think I make it look worse. This kind of loop is definitely tiring. I guess this is like what you are saying about feeling unprofessional. Sorry that you feel like that. I hope you have a good support system in your job. To a degree, it might be that we have to open and honest with people about these difficulties when we communicate (we started the podcast because we found that really difficult) although it's not always possible, especially in work environments. One thing I'm really trying to do is be kinder to myself. That we can try and do. I'm not hugely succeeding, but I'm aware of it and I can laugh at myself and hopefully I can continue to improve from there!



I am interrupting everybody I speak . It annoys my husband and young adults. I tell them I don’t mean to it but it is part of the trats of MS. I just keep quiet I am fed up with being told off.



It happens to me all the time so I just be quiet.



I don't think you should be quiet. We might not always say things in the right way, but we still have the right to say them! Take care xx



I thought it was only me!! Totally relate to this!



I live with two extroverts, so I find that they are often interrupting me, and I have to remind them that by the end of their interruption I will likely forget what I was saying. :)



I also have given up trying to talk with hubby.We now have just sinple conversation yes or no answers. I have had ms since 2001 I am 64yrs old and I do not have any other local support here thanks to covid our MS Chapter was closed. I live near Buckhorn On Can



Well, you can chat with people on here - we get it, and we can all interrupt each other! Or we need to find ourselves some extroverts like Chrissywhatidid and make notes so we can remember what to say when their interruptions stop :) xx



Our filters are buggered 😂 I know mine is, I’m not bothered anymore, smash someone’s sensible and boring conversation to bits with mostly random, uncouth and unrelated content. Like Homer Simpson most of the time the cogs creak, then all of a sudden boom mr waffles, barging into any and everyone’s conversations like a bull in a China shop. All good fun 😂



Can always blame the drugs ;)



Ha! Love it!



Hi @JeanetteBirdB Me too, it was one of the ‘symptoms’ that led to a diagnosis of adult ADHD.



Interesting, I thought it was my lack of people skills. Never considered the MS before