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Kesimpta - to take or not to take?

Hello all, I was diagnosed in 2015 after a few years of symptoms. I had been on Copaxone 3 per week for some time, took a period of time drug free and was then restarted on Copaxone. I have been spoken to about switching to Kesimpta or Aubagio due to relapses in recent years. I was to avoid any medications with a risk of PML. My MS nurse has said that the risk of PML with Kesimpta is very low (almost none) as it was a higher dose by IV (for cancer) for the 1 case at trials. Can I ask for the good, the bad and the ugly please as my appointment is at the end of this week to discuss my choice? An injection once per month would be far better suited for me rather than orals every day possibly twice per day and it’s done and out of the way. Wishing you all a fabulous day and thanking you in advance. Jayne

That is the question......................................... Get on it! Best change of DMT I ever made. 18 months in and I am starting to forget that I have MS. First injection you have to be prepared for, but most people tolerate it well. Good luck P.S. I am JC positive so PML is a risk but life is short and enjoy the good times.


I've been on Kesimpta since my diagnosis in March/April 2022. The monthly injection is nothing, I don't feel it at all. So far, it has kept my RRMS at bay and nothing has changed in my health except a few little weird random feelings in my arms or legs but only randomly. I thought I had something wrong with my leg and got an MRI and no new lesions were detected, so it's been fantastic so far. The first injection is a killer the next day, you feel like death. But that's just the initial injection as your body gets used to it.