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Hi, so I just came back from having my head/spine mri. I can't say that it was a nice experience, it was really loud and enclosed, but I coped. They did all the scans, then the radiologist did one more. So ofcourse, all I'm thinking now is that she has seen something ad wants a closer look. I ask after how long the results take. I have another neuro appointment, but not untill July. She said they will go to the to and Nero within a week, and if they have seen something and they want to talk to me then the neuro will see me sooner. I'm not even more convinced that I has ms and now I feel like one persons knows for sure. I have been given gabapentin and I'm going to start taking it tonight, after panicking about it, gp has suggested I take a lower dose at night to begin with. I don't know what I'm looking for really, maybe just some reassurance that this limbo land will end, and when it does will I fall with a bump when I get the results. Grumpy and twitching, J x

<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/jasminefairy/' rel='nofollow'>@Jasminefairy</a>, well done for enduring the MRI scanner - I told you it would be noisy! :) But, it's another piece in the jigsaw puzzle that your Neuro is trying to unravel. You've now got to sit back and be patient. If your symptoms are not deteriorating, I doubt that the Neuro will bring the appointment forward. So, just concentrate on not overdoing it in the interim. Be kind to yourself and see if you can start getting on with your life again, keeping moderation in mind.


Thanks. Symptoms have been ok this weeks, ran 5k yesterday! However, I had a cold last week and was floored. Random huh. The waiting game continues. I'm pleased I have this forum as it helps to vent, makes me feel more normal having an outlet for my worries. J x