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SMART goals

Think of something you would like to change in your life and attempt a goal-setting exercise for it, using “SMART” goals. SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant / Realistic & Time-limited. People who are depressed and are feeling overwhelmed by life circumstances (for example, a messy house) benefit from this technique. Specific – I want a tidy living room Measurable – nothing on the floor that doesn’t belong there, clear sofas and tables Achievable - yes, I’ve done it before in the past Relevant/Realistic – it would look pleasant if people drop in and it would make me happy Time-limited – I can achieve this goal in a week This method allows me to take my MS into account and hold myself only to my own standards, not some of society's standards (example: you should clean your house every Saturday).

I have SMART goals set for me at work and that’s how they measure my performance 🙄Heid, but as you say it’s much better and more relevant having targeted goals rather than just vague aims and tbh I do try (like you suggest) using it for personal goals now tbh


Smart goal number - listen to @HeidiHelps more 💪🤞🍀👍✊😊