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Making Rational Decisions

This is a hard one for me to admit, but I have difficulty making rational decisions around my MS. By gosh, I think I finally did it. I was notified that I am eligible for my 4th Covid booster so I went and got it, doubled-down and got the flu shot at the same time. My rationale: I know the Covid booster will make me feel like s@#$! for a day, may as well feel twice as bad for a day and hopefully not get the flu this winter. So, yesterday was a write-off, didn't get anything done except make my cat happy because we snuggled all day. Today I'm back on my feet, sort of, and back to work. Sorry Freud (my cat).

I got the flu one but I think I will give the covid one a miss. I felt really unwell for weeks after the last booster.