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The daily tracking of thoughts is a great intervention for depression and anxiety and it is often used in conjunction with CBT exercises. Some clients really don't see the negativity and sometimes pervasiveness of their thinking. One of my professors mentioned that over the years he had helped many clients to realize the level of their negative thinking through daily charting of their thoughts. For some, their negative thinking just seems "normal" and so they really don't know other ways of seeing life. Further, this might have been occurring for years if not decades and thus it can take intentional effort in order to change the thoughts. This is one of the reasons I encourage my own clients to journal. Do you journal? I have kept an MS journal for years and am starting to think I should cross out the initials MS and just keep a regular journal.

Hi @HeidiHelps thank you again for your help with this. I am really struggling with my level of pain and fact that there is no other medication that would help. I will start journaling tomorrow and hoping that it works for me and thank you again xx


@Luce6661111 let me know if you would like a meditation that may help you - I'm happy to "walk" you through one and to recommend some reading. Where is your pain located?