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Mold toxicity misdiagnosed as MS

I was diagnosed in Nov 2020 as having MS by two MS experts. Unfortunately, they never considered mold toxicity. About 3 months ago, at the advice of two functional medicine doctors, I finally was tested for mold toxicity and my numbers were off the charts. The recovery is slow, but I am making progress (no longer limping and numbness is decreasing. Some of my MS Shift friends asked if I had a lumbar puncture.... no, but I had blood test showing particles in my blood AND I had brain and spinal lesions. I looked it up and Mold toxicity can cause brain lesions (and other lesions). Mold can come from water damaged houses/buildings (we bought a foreclosed house with mold) and it can come from food (even coffee! sorry!). If you look at earlier posts I have made you will see that mold toxicity and MS symptoms are almost identical. I would strongly recommend being tested for mold (Great Plains Lab in the US is one of the best on this side of the pond). I wish I would have been tested last November, I might have been symptom free by now, if I had. I feel so much better, less fatigue, more normal digestive patterns, less lost of balance, less numbness and tingling, major decrease in brain fog..... it was worth the $300 test. I encourage you to google symptoms of mold toxicity if you are interested. Once you get past the ads for mold remediation you will be surprised! This is what I found about mold causing brain lesions... please share with me if you find better sources! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4840461/

This is most interesting. I haven’t experienced any mold (that I know), but I had car fumes coming in the car through an exhaust pipe hole and gas leak in my house. Both around the same time of diagnosis. I guess the environment can cause serious health symptoms. I hope you improve. Good luck 😉.


@Healthclips....do you now think you do not have MS and it was a misdiagnosis?.....hope you dont mind me asking you that.